Countries where Maltese is spoken widely

The Maltese language holds a prominent position in several countries worldwide. From its roots as an official language of Malta, Maltese has spread its influence across various regions. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the countries where Maltese is widely spoken, highlighting the language’s significance and providing valuable insights into its cultural and linguistic aspects. Discover the diverse locations where Maltese thrives and explore the fascinating linguistic landscape it creates.



Maltese, the official language of Malta, is widely spoken throughout the country. With a population of over 460,000, Maltese serves as the national language and is also recognized as one of the official languages of the European Union. The unique blend of Semitic and Romance influences in Maltese makes it a fascinating language to explore.


While Italian is the official language of Italy, there are regions in the country where Maltese is spoken by a significant number of people. In particular, the Maltese language is spoken in the southern regions of Sicily and Pantelleria, which have historical connections with Malta. These areas have a linguistic diversity that includes a mixture of Italian and Maltese dialects.

United Kingdom

Due to historical ties between Malta and the United Kingdom, there is a considerable Maltese-speaking population in the UK. Many Maltese individuals migrated to the UK in search of better opportunities, particularly during the 20th century. Today, cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham have vibrant Maltese communities where the language is spoken and cherished.

In conclusion, Maltese is spoken widely in various European countries, including Malta itself, as well as in Italy and the United Kingdom. These linguistic connections demonstrate the cultural richness and historical significance of the Maltese language beyond the borders of Malta.

North America


Canada is home to a significant number of Maltese speakers, particularly in the province of Ontario. The Maltese language has been spoken in Canadian communities for generations, with many Maltese immigrants and their descendants preserving their linguistic heritage. In cities like Toronto and Ottawa, you can find Maltese cultural events and gatherings where the language is proudly spoken and celebrated. Additionally, various Maltese associations and organizations exist across Canada, providing support and fostering a sense of community among Maltese speakers.

United States

In the United States, Maltese is also spoken by a notable population, primarily concentrated in certain regions. Cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit have seen significant Maltese immigration throughout history, leading to the establishment of vibrant Maltese-speaking communities. These communities often organize cultural festivals, social gatherings, and language classes that promote the preservation and usage of the Maltese language. Furthermore, Maltese-Americans actively participate in various Maltese associations and clubs, further strengthening the bonds between the United States and Malta.

Overall, both Canada and the United States serve as important hubs for the Maltese language in North America, offering platforms for Maltese speakers to connect, share their heritage, and ensure the language’s continued presence for future generations.



Australia is one of the countries where Maltese is spoken widely. With a significant Maltese population residing in Australia, the language has managed to establish itself as an important linguistic presence in the country.

Maltese immigrants first arrived in Australia in the late 19th century, seeking better economic opportunities and a new life. Over the years, the Maltese community has grown and flourished, contributing to the cultural diversity of Australia.

In major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, there are vibrant Maltese communities that actively preserve and promote the Maltese language and culture. Various Maltese cultural organizations, clubs, and associations organize events and activities to celebrate their heritage.

Furthermore, the education system in Australia recognizes the importance of language diversity and offers opportunities for learning Maltese. Some schools and universities provide Maltese language courses, allowing individuals to maintain their linguistic ties and pass on their heritage to the next generation.

The presence of Maltese in Australia is not limited to private spaces or community events. Maltese language and cultural festivals are organized on a larger scale, attracting people from different backgrounds to experience Maltese traditions, music, and cuisine.

Moreover, the media plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the Maltese language in Australia. Radio programs and television shows in Maltese are broadcasted to cater to the needs of the Maltese-speaking community, keeping them connected to their language and culture.

In conclusion, Australia is a country where the Maltese language is spoken widely, thanks to the strong presence of the Maltese community and their efforts to preserve their linguistic heritage. The thriving Maltese community in Australia ensures that the language continues to thrive and be passed on to future generations.

Maltese, a Semitic language heavily influenced by Italian and Arabic, is spoken widely in several countries. Primarily spoken in Malta, where it is the official language, Maltese is also spoken by significant communities in other parts of the world. The Maltese language has gained recognition as an official language in the European Union, paving the way for its increased usage and preservation. The spread of Maltese can be attributed to historical factors such as colonization and migration, as well as the diaspora communities around the globe. Despite its relatively small number of speakers, the widespread presence of Maltese showcases the resilience and uniqueness of this captivating language.

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