Flag of Australia

Australia Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesAU, AUS, 036
Official NameCommonwealth of Australia
Government TypeFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
CurrencyAustralian dollar (AUD)
Calling Code+61
Member OfUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, G20, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PopulationApprox. 25 million (as of 2023)
Total Area7,692,024 square kilometers
Highest PointMount Kosciuszko (2,228 meters or 7,310 feet)
Lowest PointLake Eyre (-15 meters or -49 feet)
GDP Per CapitaApprox. $57,300 (as of 2023)
Life ExpectancyApprox. 83 years (as of 2023)
Internet TLD.au

Australian National Anthem

Advance Australia Fair

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are one and free
With golden soil and wealth for toil
Our home is girt by sea
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare
In history’s page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia Fair

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History of the Australian Flag

The Australian flag, first flown in 1901, has a deep and significant history. It was the result of a public competition following the federation of the Australian colonies. The flag combines elements that represent Australia’s historical ties and its unique identity.

The flag features three primary components: the Union Jack in the top left corner, signifying Australia’s historical links to the United Kingdom; the Southern Cross constellation (Crux) on the right half, representing Australia’s geographical location in the Southern Hemisphere; and the Commonwealth Star below the Union Jack, with seven points representing the unity of the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The original design was chosen from entries in a competition held following the federation of the colonies in 1901. The first flag was flown on September 3, 1901, in Melbourne. The initial design included a six-pointed Commonwealth Star, which was changed to a seven-pointed star in 1908 to represent the territories and any future states of Australia.

The Australian flag has been a point of pride and a unifying symbol for Australians. It has flown during times of war and peace, celebration, and mourning. While it has been the subject of debate and discussion about its representation of Australia’s heritage and identity, the flag remains an enduring symbol of the nation’s history, values, and sovereignty. The Australian flag, with its distinct design and symbols, continues to represent the country’s democratic ideals, rich history, and diverse society.