Flag of Brunei

Brunei Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesBN, BRN, 096
Official NameNation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace
CapitalBandar Seri Begawan
Government TypeAbsolute monarchy
CurrencyBrunei Dollar (BND)
Calling Code+673
Member OfUnited Nations, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Commonwealth of Nations
PopulationApprox. 437,000 (as of 2023)
Total Area5,765 square kilometers
Highest PointBukit Pagon (1,850 meters or 6,070 feet)
Lowest PointSouth China Sea (0 meters or 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaApprox. $31,000 (as of 2023)
Life ExpectancyApprox. 75 years (as of 2023)
Internet TLD.bn

Brunei National Anthem

Allah Peliharakan Sultan

God bless His Majesty
With a long life
Just and faithful
To be glorified with prosperity
May reign over the Sultanate
For many yearsa
In peace and tranquility
With wise and just leadership
The people are happy
All united in heart and soul
Long live the Sultan
Our beloved monarch

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History of the Brunei Flag

The flag of Brunei was officially adopted on September 29, 1959, and it embodies the country’s Islamic heritage, sovereignty, and the royal lineage. The flag has a unique design and significant symbolism that reflects Brunei’s national identity and monarchical traditions.

The flag is yellow with two diagonal bands of white and black across the top left corner. In the center, there is a red crest, which includes an image of hands, a crescent, and a parasol, along with a ribbon. The yellow background symbolizes the Sultan of Brunei, the country’s ruling monarch. The white and black bands represent the chief ministers who serve as senior advisors to the Sultan.

The central crest is rich in symbolism: the hands are a symbol of the government’s benevolence, the crescent represents Islam (the state religion), and the parasol signifies the monarchy’s royalty. The emblem also features the national motto, “Always Render Service with God’s Guidance.”

The flag’s design has remained consistent since its adoption, signifying the stability and continuity of the Brunei Sultanate. The use of yellow as a primary color reflects the historical use of yellow in Southeast Asian royalty. The flag’s elements collectively represent the nation’s adherence to Islamic values, the authority of the monarchy, and the government’s commitment to justice and peace.

The Brunei flag is a source of pride and national identity for its citizens, symbolizing the country’s rich heritage, religious beliefs, and the unity under the Sultan’s leadership. It is displayed prominently in government buildings, public places, and at national and international events, reflecting the spirit and values of the Brunei nation.