Flag of Christmas Island

Christmas Island Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateNo (Australian External Territory)
Country CodesCX, CXR, 162
Official NameTerritory of Christmas Island
ContinentAsia (Geographically), Oceania (Politically)
CapitalFlying Fish Cove
Government TypeNon-self-governing external territory of Australia
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)
Calling Code+61
Member OfPart of Australia; participates in international affairs through Australia
PopulationApprox. 2,000 (as of 2023)
Total Area135 square kilometers
Highest PointMurray Hill (361 meters or 1,184 feet)
Lowest PointIndian Ocean (0 meters or 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaN/A
Life ExpectancyN/A
Internet TLD.cx

National Anthem

As a territory of Australia, Christmas Island does not have its own national anthem. It uses “Advance Australia Fair,” the national anthem of Australia.

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History of the Christmas Island Flag

The flag of Christmas Island was unofficially adopted in 1986 and was designed by Tony Couch of Sydney, a resident of the island for two decades. The flag is not officially recognized by the Australian government but is used locally on Christmas Island.

The flag features a green and blue background, divided diagonally, which represents the island’s rich flora and surrounding ocean. The Southern Cross constellation appears on the blue portion, taken from the Australian flag, symbolizing Christmas Island’s connection to Australia. In the canton, a golden bosun bird, which is native to the island, is depicted in flight.

The design of the flag was chosen through a competition held among the island’s residents. The winning design, chosen from several submissions, was meant to encapsulate the unique characteristics and nature of Christmas Island. The bosun bird, in particular, is a significant symbol for the island, representing its wildlife and natural beauty.

The Christmas Island flag is a symbol of the island’s identity and community. While it is not officially recognized as a national flag, it is a source of pride for the island’s residents and is used in local celebrations, ceremonies, and events. The flag represents the distinct heritage of Christmas Island and its relationship with Australia, while also celebrating the unique natural environment of this remote territory.