Flag of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateNo (External territory of Australia)
Country CodesNF, NFK, 574
Official NameNorfolk Island
Government TypeSelf-governing territory under the administration of Australia
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)
Calling Code+672
Member OfNot a member of the United Nations, as it is an external territory of Australia
PopulationApproximately 1,748
Total Area34.6 km²
Highest PointMount Bates (319 meters, 1,047 feet)
Lowest PointPacific Ocean (0 meters, 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaData not widely available
Life ExpectancyData not widely available
Internet TLD.nf

Norfolk Island National Anthem

Come Ye Blessed

(Note: This is a territorial song; as an Australian territory, the national anthem is “Advance Australia Fair.”)

Come ye blessed, speak ye peace,
Thus saith our God to all;
Come to Me, and be ye saved;
This is the Father’s call.

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History of the Norfolk Island Flag

The Norfolk Island flag was officially adopted on January 17, 1980, symbolizing the island’s unique heritage and its status as an external Australian territory. The flag features a green field with a white vertical stripe at the hoist bearing the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) in a more natural green color.

The green field represents the lush vegetation of the island, while the white stripe signifies the purity and tranquility of the community. The Norfolk Island Pine, endemic to the island, is a distinctive and recognizable symbol and holds great significance for the islanders, reflecting their connection to the environment and their pride in their island home.

The decision to adopt the flag was a significant step for Norfolk Island in affirming its cultural identity and heritage. The flag is a symbol of the island’s history, from its settlement in the late 18th century to its current status. It also represents the community’s spirit, resilience, and pride.

Norfolk Island’s flag is a point of pride for its residents and is used in various capacities on the island and in events where Norfolk Island is represented internationally. The flag highlights the island’s unique culture and history while acknowledging its ties to Australia. The Norfolk Island flag embodies the spirit and character of its people and their deep connection to their island.