Flag of North Macedonia

North Macedonia Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesMK, MKD, 807
Official NameRepublic of North Macedonia
Government TypeParliamentary Republic
CurrencyMacedonian Denar (MKD)
Calling Code+389
Member OfUnited Nations, Council of Europe, NATO, World Trade Organization
PopulationApproximately 2.1 million
Total Area25,713 km²
Highest PointMount Korab (2,764 meters, 9,068 feet)
Lowest PointVardar River (50 meters, 164 feet)
GDP Per CapitaUSD 6,100
Life Expectancy76 years
Internet TLD.mk

North Macedonia National Anthem

Denes nad Makedonija (Today Over Macedonia)

Today over Macedonia, is being born
The new sun of liberty.
The Macedonians fight
For their own rights!
The Macedonians fight
For their own rights!

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History of the North Macedonia Flag

The national flag of North Macedonia, adopted on October 5, 1994, is a symbol of the country’s identity and history. It features a stylized yellow sun with eight rays extending from the center to the edges of a red field. This design replaced the previous flag, which contained the Vergina Sun, after a dispute with Greece over historical and cultural heritage.

The current flag’s sun symbolizes the “new sun of Liberty” mentioned in the national anthem and is a representation of the richness and warmth of the country. The eight rays of the sun stand for the eight regions of North Macedonia. The choice of a red and yellow color scheme reflects the national colors and is a common theme in the country’s heritage.

The flag change in 1994 was part of the Prespa Agreement, which aimed to resolve long-standing disputes with Greece. The adoption of the new flag marked a significant step in North Macedonia’s efforts to establish its identity and foster diplomatic relations with its neighbors.

The flag of North Macedonia is a source of national pride and is emblematic of the country’s journey towards self-determination and recognition. It is prominently displayed in public spaces, government buildings, and during national and international events. The flag symbolizes the unity and the cultural heritage of North Macedonia, representing a nation that cherishes its past while looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous future.