Flag of Peru

Peru Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesPE, PER, 604
Official NameRepublic of Peru
ContinentSouth America
Government TypeUnitary Presidential Republic
CurrencySol (PEN)
Calling Code+51
Member OfUnited Nations, Organization of American States, Union of South American Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
PopulationApproximately 32 million
Total Area1,285,216 km²
Highest PointHuascarán (6,768 meters, 22,205 feet)
Lowest PointPacific Ocean (0 meters, 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaUSD 6,977
Life Expectancy76 years
Internet TLD.pe

Peru National Anthem

Himno Nacional del Perú (National Anthem of Peru)

For a long time the oppressed Peruvian
Dragged the ominous chain;
Condemned to cruel servitude
For a long time, long time
In silence he moaned.

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History of the Peru Flag

The national flag of Peru was officially adopted on February 25, 1825. The flag, a vertical triband, features two outer red bands and a central white band. This simple yet powerful design is steeped in symbolic meaning and historical significance.

The flag’s colors are said to have been chosen by José de San Martín, the Argentine general who played a key role in Peru’s independence from Spain. The red bands represent the blood shed for independence, while the white band symbolizes peace and bravery. The design is thought to have been inspired by the flag of Argentina, another country that San Martín helped liberate.

The Peruvian flag has undergone various changes over the years, especially during the 19th century when Peru experienced political upheaval and shifting governments. The current design was solidified in the 20th century and has become a symbol of national unity and pride.

The flag is a source of immense national pride for Peruvians. It is flown on public buildings, at national events, and in international contexts, representing Peru’s sovereignty, rich history, and cultural identity. The simplicity of the design and the powerful symbolism it carries have made the Peruvian flag an enduring symbol of the nation’s struggle for independence and its ongoing journey as a proud, sovereign nation.