Maltese-speaking countries around the world

Maltese-speaking countries around the world

Are you curious to know about the Maltese language and where it is spoken? In this article, we will explore the countries around the world where Maltese is spoken. From the stunning islands of Malta and Gozo to various communities in countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States, the Maltese language has spread far beyond its origins. Join us as we delve into the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of the Maltese-speaking countries and discover more about this fascinating language.

Maltese-speaking countries in Europe


Malta is a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the only official Maltese-speaking country in the world. With a rich history dating back thousands of years, Malta offers a unique cultural experience to its visitors.

Maltese, a Semitic language derived from Arabic, is the national language of Malta. It is also recognized as an official language alongside English. The majority of the population in Malta speaks Maltese fluently, making it an integral part of their everyday life.


Gozo is one of the three inhabited islands that form part of the Maltese archipelago, along with Malta and Comino. Although Gozo is geographically close to Malta, it has its own unique charm and distinct dialect of the Maltese language.

The people of Gozo are proud of their cultural heritage and language. While Maltese is the dominant language spoken in Gozo, the Gozitan dialect differs slightly from the standard Maltese spoken in Malta. This linguistic variation adds to the diversity within the Maltese-speaking community.


Comino is the smallest of the three inhabited islands in the Maltese archipelago. Despite its size, Comino has its own significance in the Maltese-speaking world. The island’s picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters attract tourists from around the globe.

Similar to Malta and Gozo, Comino is part of the Maltese-speaking community. The local population speaks Maltese, forming an important cultural link between the islands. Despite its limited population, Comino contributes to the preservation and growth of the Maltese language.

In conclusion, Malta, Gozo, and Comino are the Maltese-speaking countries in Europe. Each island offers a unique experience and contributes to the rich cultural heritage of the Maltese language. Whether you visit Malta, Gozo, or Comino, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maltese language and its vibrant community.

Maltese-speaking countries in Africa


Tunisia, a country located in North Africa, is one of the few African nations where Maltese is spoken. Maltese is considered a minority language in Tunisia, primarily spoken by the Maltese community residing in the country. The Maltese language has its roots in Arabic, with influences from Italian, French, and English. Despite being a minority language, efforts are made to preserve and promote the Maltese language in Tunisia through cultural events and educational initiatives.


Libya, another North African country, is also home to a small number of Maltese speakers. The Maltese language in Libya is mainly spoken by people of Maltese descent who migrated to the country in the past. While Maltese is not widely spoken across the nation, it holds significance within the Maltese community, serving as a way to connect with their heritage and maintain their cultural identity. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in preserving the Maltese language in Libya, with language programs and community activities being organized to support its usage.


Comoros, an archipelago situated off the eastern coast of Africa, is yet another country where Maltese is spoken. The presence of Maltese in Comoros can be attributed to historical factors, including trade and migration between the two regions. Although Maltese is not widely spoken across the entire population of Comoros, it is still recognized as a part of the linguistic diversity within the country. Efforts to document and promote the Maltese language in Comoros are underway to ensure its preservation and appreciation for future generations.

Overall, while Maltese may not be a dominant language in Africa, its presence in countries like Tunisia, Libya, and Comoros showcases the cultural diversity and interconnectedness of language across the continent.

Maltese-speaking countries in North America

United States

The United States, although not widely known for its Maltese-speaking population, boasts a small but vibrant Maltese community. Primarily concentrated in cities such as New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles, Maltese immigrants and their descendants have been able to preserve their language and culture through various community organizations and events. The Maltese language holds a special place within these communities, serving as a means of communication and a link to their Maltese heritage.


In Canada, the Maltese language can be heard among the Maltese diaspora scattered across the country. With a significant number of Maltese immigrants settling in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the Maltese language has found a home within these communities. Canadian-Maltese associations and cultural centers play a vital role in fostering the preservation and promotion of the Maltese language, enabling Maltese Canadians to maintain their linguistic ties to Malta while embracing their Canadian identity.


While not widely recognized, Mexico is home to a small Maltese-speaking community that has formed over the years. Predominantly centered in Mexico City and other major urban areas, this community consists of both Maltese immigrants and their descendants. The Maltese language in Mexico has managed to survive through the efforts of dedicated individuals and families who have passed down their linguistic heritage from one generation to the next. Despite being geographically distant from Malta, the Mexican-Maltese community proudly keeps the Maltese language alive within their cultural practices and everyday interactions.

In conclusion, this article has explored the presence and significance of the Maltese language in various countries around the world. From its origins in Malta, the language has spread to communities in Australia, Canada, and the United States, among others. Through examining the historical and cultural contexts of these Maltese-speaking communities, it becomes evident that the language serves as a vital link to Maltese heritage and identity. Furthermore, the article has highlighted the efforts made by these communities to preserve and promote the Maltese language through educational initiatives and cultural events. Overall, this article sheds light on the global reach of the Maltese language and its enduring importance in connecting individuals and communities across borders.

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