Rhode Island

Rhode Island Flag

State of Rhode Island

Nicknames: The Ocean State, Little Rhody
Motto(s): Hope
Date of Statehood: May 29, 1790 (13th state)
State Song: “Rhode Island, It’s for Me” by Charlie Hall

Rhode Island Flag History

The flag of Rhode Island, adopted in 1897, is a testament to the state’s maritime heritage and its commitment to freedom and independence. The flag is white, symbolizing purity and innocence, with a gold anchor in the center, signifying hope and the maritime nature of the state. The anchor is surrounded by thirteen gold stars, representing the original thirteen colonies and Rhode Island’s status as the 13th state to ratify the Constitution.

Above the anchor, a blue ribbon reads the state’s motto, “Hope,” reflecting the optimistic spirit of its people. Below the anchor, another blue ribbon contains the word “Rhode Island,” solidifying the flag’s dedication to the state’s identity and heritage. The flag’s colors, gold and blue, echo the state’s natural beauty, from its sunny shores to its clear skies, encapsulating Rhode Island’s pride and values.

Rhode Island Quick Facts

Capital City: Providence
Abbreviation: RI
Population: Approximately 1.06 million
Region: New England
Origin of State Name: Derived from the Greek Island of Rhodes or from Dutch “Roodt Eylandt” meaning “red island” in reference to the red clay that lined the shore
Sports Teams: No major professional sports teams, but a significant presence in college sports
Bordering States: Connecticut, Massachusetts
Area Codes: 401
Highest Point: Jerimoth Hill at 812 feet (247 meters)
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean at sea level

Geography of Rhode Island

Area: 1,214 square miles (3,144 square kilometers), 50th largest
Land: 1,034 square miles (2,678 square kilometers), 50th largest
Water: 180 square miles (466 square kilometers), 48th largest
Coastline: 40 miles (64 kilometers)
Shoreline: 384 miles (618 kilometers), including the coastline and shores of bays and inlets

Largest Cities:

  1. Providence
  2. Warwick
  3. Cranston
  4. Pawtucket
  5. East Providence
  6. Woonsocket
  7. Coventry
  8. Cumberland
  9. North Providence
  10. South Kingstown
  11. West Warwick
  12. Johnston
  13. North Kingstown
  14. Newport
  15. Bristol

National Parks:

  • Roger Williams National Memorial
  • Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park
  • Touro Synagogue National Historic Site

Rhode Island State Symbols

Living Insignia

State Bird: Rhode Island Red Chicken
State Animal: None
State Amphibian: None
State Butterfly: None
State Fish: Striped Bass
State Flower: Violet
State Horse Breed: None
State Insect: American Burying Beetle
State Mammal: None
State Reptile: None

Inanimate Insignia

State Fruit: None
State Gemstone: Bowenite
State Soil: None
State Tree: Red Maple
State Quarter: Issued in 2001 featuring a vintage sailboat gliding through Rhode Island’s famous Narragansett Bay and an image of the Pell Bridge in the background
State Beverage: Coffee Milk
State Colors: Blue, White, and Gold (same as the flag)
State Dance: None
State Food: Calamari
State Fossil: None
State Mineral: Bowenite
State Rock: Cumberlandite