What are the ISO code standards for Turkmenistan?

What are the ISO Code Standards for Turkmenistan?

In this article, we will explore the ISO code standards for Turkmenistan. ISO codes are internationally recognized and standardized codes that are used to represent countries, currencies, and other entities. Understanding the ISO code standards for Turkmenistan is important for various purposes, such as international trade, data exchange, and identification. We will delve into the ISO 3166 standard, which provides the country code for Turkmenistan, as well as the ISO 4217 standard, which defines the currency code for Turkmenistan. Join us as we unravel the significance and implications of these ISO code standards for Turkmenistan.

ISO Code Standards for Turkmenistan

ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 Code

The ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code for Turkmenistan is "TM". This two-letter code is used to represent Turkmenistan in various international organizations and systems. It is commonly used for tasks such as country identification, data processing, and labeling. The Alpha-2 code "TM" is derived from the English name of the country, which is Turkmenistan.

ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 Code

The ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 code for Turkmenistan is "TKM". This three-letter code is another internationally recognized standard used to represent Turkmenistan. The Alpha-3 code "TKM" provides a more specific identification compared to the Alpha-2 code. It is widely used in contexts where a higher level of granularity is required, such as in international trade, finance, and transportation.

ISO 3166-1 Numeric Code

The ISO 3166-1 numeric code for Turkmenistan is "795". This three-digit numeric code is assigned to Turkmenistan as per the ISO 3166-1 standard. The numeric code "795" is unique to Turkmenistan and is used for various purposes, including statistical analysis, database management, and country classification. It provides a numerical representation of Turkmenistan, facilitating efficient data processing and organization.

In conclusion, Turkmenistan is assigned the ISO codes "TM" (Alpha-2), "TKM" (Alpha-3), and "795" (Numeric), which are internationally recognized standards for identifying and representing countries. These codes play a crucial role in various systems and processes, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of data related to Turkmenistan.

ISO 4217 Currency Code for Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, a country located in Central Asia, follows the ISO 4217 currency code standards to identify its currency. The ISO 4217 currency code for Turkmenistan is TMT, which stands for Turkmenistan Manat. This three-letter code is used internationally to represent the currency used in Turkmenistan for various financial transactions.

ISO 4217 Alpha Code

The ISO 4217 alpha code for the currency of Turkmenistan is TMT. The alpha code is a three-letter code that represents the currency in a standardized format. In the case of Turkmenistan, the alpha code TMT is used to identify the Turkmenistan Manat in international financial transactions, currency exchange rates, and banking operations.

ISO 4217 Numeric Code

In addition to the alpha code, Turkmenistan’s currency is also assigned a numeric code as per the ISO 4217 standards. The ISO 4217 numeric code for the currency of Turkmenistan is 934. This three-digit code provides a numerical representation of the currency and is used for various purposes, including international trade, banking, and financial systems.

ISO 4217 Minor Unit

The ISO 4217 standards also specify a minor unit for each currency, which represents the smallest possible fraction of the currency. In the case of Turkmenistan, the minor unit for the Turkmenistan Manat is the "Tennesi" or "tenge." One Turkmenistan Manat is divided into 100 tennesi or tenge. This minor unit allows for precise calculations and facilitates monetary transactions within the country.

In conclusion, Turkmenistan adheres to the ISO 4217 currency code standards for its currency, the Turkmenistan Manat. The currency is represented by the alpha code TMT, the numeric code 934, and is subdivided into 100 tennesi or tenge as the minor unit. These standardized codes and units ensure consistency and accuracy in financial operations involving Turkmenistan’s currency.

ISO 15924 Script Code for Turkmenistan

The ISO 15924 script code for Turkmenistan is based on the Turkmen language, which is predominantly written using the Latin script. The script code assigned to Turkmenistan is "Latn", which stands for Latin. This script code is used to identify and classify writing systems or scripts used for different languages or regions.

The Latin script, also known as the Roman script, is widely used around the world and is the most common script used for writing in the Western world. It consists of a set of letters, numerals, and punctuation marks that allow the representation of various languages, including Turkmen.

ISO 15924 Alpha-4 Code

The ISO 15924 alpha-4 code for Turkmenistan is "tkmt". This code is used to uniquely identify the Turkmen language within the ISO 15924 standard. The alpha-4 code system is a four-letter code that provides a concise and standardized way to represent languages or writing systems.

The "tkmt" code specifically represents the Turkmen language, which is the official language of Turkmenistan. It is a Turkic language that is primarily spoken by the Turkmen people in Turkmenistan and also by diaspora communities in neighboring countries.

ISO 15924 Numeric Code

The ISO 15924 numeric code assigned to the script used in Turkmenistan is "435". This numeric code is part of the ISO 15924 standard, which classifies and codifies writing systems and scripts used for various languages around the world.

The numeric code "435" is associated with the Latin script (Latn) used for writing Turkmen. It helps in uniquely identifying and categorizing the script used for Turkmenistan, facilitating interoperability and standardization in various systems and applications that deal with language and script identification.

In conclusion, the ISO 15924 standard provides codes that specifically identify the script, language, and numeric representation for Turkmenistan. The script code "Latn" represents the Latin script used for writing Turkmen, while the alpha-4 code "tkmt" and numeric code "435" uniquely identify the Turkmen language and its script within the ISO 15924 framework.

Turkmenistan, a country located in Central Asia, follows the ISO code standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. These standards play a crucial role in various industries and facilitate international communication and trade. The ISO code for Turkmenistan is TM, which is used for various purposes such as identifying the country in international transactions, transportation, and documentation. By adhering to these ISO code standards, Turkmenistan ensures consistency and compatibility with other countries, promoting efficient information exchange and collaboration on a global scale.

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