What countries use Luxembourgish as their primary language?

What countries use Luxembourgish as their primary language?

Luxembourgish is a unique language spoken primarily in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a landlocked country in Western Europe. While Luxembourgish is not widely spoken outside of Luxembourg, it is considered the national language and holds an official status in the country. This article explores the use of Luxembourgish as a primary language in other countries, shedding light on its influence and significance beyond the borders of Luxembourg.

Countries that use Luxembourgish as their primary language


Luxembourg, also known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is the country where Luxembourgish is primarily spoken. It is a small landlocked country located in Western Europe. Despite its small size, Luxembourg is known for its high standard of living and vibrant economy. The Luxembourgish language, which is closely related to German, is one of the three official languages of Luxembourg, along with French and German.


Belgium is another country where Luxembourgish is spoken as a primary language. Located in Western Europe, Belgium is a diverse country with multiple official languages. Alongside French, Dutch, and German, Luxembourgish is recognized as a regional language spoken by a small community, mainly in the province of Luxembourg. The use of Luxembourgish in Belgium reflects historical connections and cultural influences between the two countries.


Germany, a country in Central Europe, also has a significant population that uses Luxembourgish as their primary language. While German is the official language of Germany, Luxembourgish is recognized as a minority language in some regions, particularly in the border areas near Luxembourg. This linguistic connection between Germany and Luxembourg is a result of historical ties and geographical proximity.

In conclusion, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany are the countries where Luxembourgish is primarily spoken. The language holds cultural and historical significance in these countries, and its usage reflects the unique linguistic diversity present in this part of Europe.

Dialects and Variations of Luxembourgish

Moselle Franconian Luxembourgish

Moselle Franconian Luxembourgish is one of the dialects and variations of Luxembourgish. It is primarily spoken in the southeastern part of Luxembourg, along the border with Germany. This dialect has been influenced by the Moselle Franconian language, which is spoken in the adjacent regions of Germany and France. Moselle Franconian Luxembourgish exhibits distinct phonetic and lexical features that set it apart from other variations of the Luxembourgish language.

Oesling Luxembourgish

Oesling Luxembourgish is another significant dialect of Luxembourgish. It is predominantly spoken in the northern part of Luxembourg, known as Oesling. This remote and rural region has preserved the traditional aspects of the Luxembourgish language, making Oesling Luxembourgish a fascinating variation to explore. Due to its isolation, Oesling Luxembourgish has maintained several archaic features that have been lost in other regions where the language is spoken.

Gutland Luxembourgish

Gutland Luxembourgish, also referred to as Central Luxembourgish, is the most widely spoken and recognized variation of the Luxembourgish language. It is primarily spoken in the southern and central parts of Luxembourg, including the capital city, Luxembourg City. Gutland Luxembourgish serves as the standard form of the language and is used in official documents, education, and media. While it shares many similarities with other dialects, it has evolved to become the accepted norm for Luxembourgish communication.

These dialects and variations of Luxembourgish contribute to the linguistic diversity within Luxembourg, showcasing the unique cultural heritage and regional differences that exist within the country. Understanding these variations is essential for appreciating the rich linguistic tapestry and identity of Luxembourg.

The primary language of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish, is spoken by the majority of the population in Luxembourg. While it is not widely used outside of the country, Luxembourgish holds official status and is recognized as one of the three administrative languages within the nation. With its unique blend of Germanic, Romance, and Celtic influences, Luxembourgish serves as a cultural symbol and a means of identity for the people of Luxembourg. Despite its limited usage on a global scale, the preservation and promotion of Luxembourgish remain important to the linguistic heritage and national identity of the country.

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