What is Syria’s national sport?

What is Syria’s national sport?

If you’re curious about Syria’s national sport, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the answer to the question "What is Syria’s national sport?" and delve into the rich sporting culture of this Middle Eastern country. From traditional games to popular modern sports, we will uncover the passion and enthusiasm that Syrians have for their national pastimes. So, let’s jump right in and discover the fascinating world of Syria’s national sport!

History of sports in Syria

Ancient sports in Syria

Sports have played a significant role in Syrian culture for centuries. In ancient times, various sports were practiced by the inhabitants of this region. One of the earliest recorded sports in Syria is chariot racing, which was a popular event during the Roman period. The chariot races would attract large crowds and were often held in large arenas.

Another ancient sport that was popular in Syria was wrestling. Wrestling matches were a common form of entertainment and were often held in amphitheaters or public squares. The sport of wrestling had its roots in ancient Greek and Roman traditions, but it was also embraced by the Syrians.

Development of modern sports in Syria

The development of modern sports in Syria can be attributed to the influence of European colonialism. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, European powers introduced various sports to the region. Football, in particular, gained immense popularity and became a national obsession.

Syria’s national football team, known as the "Qasioun Eagles," has had a rich history and has represented the country in numerous international competitions. The sport has captured the hearts of the Syrian people and has become a symbol of national pride.

Apart from football, other modern sports such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis have also gained popularity in Syria. These sports are now played in schools, universities, and sports clubs across the country, providing opportunities for young Syrians to engage in physical activities and pursue their athletic aspirations.

Influence of Arab and European sports

The sports culture in Syria has been shaped by both Arab and European influences. Traditional Arab sports, such as horse racing and falconry, continue to be practiced in rural areas and are celebrated during cultural festivals. These sports reflect the rich heritage and traditions of the Syrian people.

However, it is the European influence that has had a profound impact on the modern sports landscape in Syria. European sports like football, basketball, and tennis have gained widespread popularity and have become an integral part of Syrian society. The Syrian people have embraced these sports and have excelled in them at both the national and international levels.

In conclusion, the history of sports in Syria is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. From ancient chariot racing and wrestling to the development of modern sports like football and basketball, sports have always held a special place in Syrian culture. The influence of Arab and European sports has contributed to the diverse and vibrant sports scene in Syria today.

Traditional sports in Syria

Camel racing

Camel racing is one of the traditional sports in Syria and holds significant cultural importance. The sport involves racing camels across varying terrains, showcasing the agility and speed of these magnificent animals. It has been a long-standing tradition in Syrian culture, with roots dating back centuries.

Camel racing events in Syria often attract a large number of spectators, creating a festive atmosphere. Participants compete against each other, urging their camels to reach top speeds using traditional methods. The races are exhilarating, with camels galloping across the desert or other designated tracks, showcasing their endurance and strength.

Horse racing

Another popular traditional sport in Syria is horse racing. It has been a part of Syrian culture for generations, with events taking place in various regions throughout the country. Horse racing in Syria is not only a competitive sport but also a celebration of Arabian horses, known for their elegance, grace, and speed.

Syrian horse racing events bring together skilled jockeys who ride these magnificent animals, showcasing their expertise in handling and guiding them towards victory. Spectators gather to witness the thrilling races, cheering on their favorite horses and jockeys as they dash towards the finish line.


Falconry is an ancient sport that has been practiced in Syria for centuries. It involves training and hunting with falcons, majestic birds of prey known for their keen eyesight and remarkable speed. Falconry holds cultural significance and is often seen as a symbol of nobility and prestige.

In Syria, falconry is not only a sport but also a way of preserving traditional hunting techniques. Skilled falconers train their birds to hunt for small game, such as rabbits and hares. The sport requires a deep bond between the falconer and the falcon, as they work together to track and capture their prey.

These traditional sports in Syria, including camel racing, horse racing, and falconry, represent the rich cultural heritage of the country. They showcase the deep connection between Syrians and their natural surroundings, as well as their appreciation for the beauty and prowess of animals.

Popular sports in Syria

Football (Soccer)

Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in Syria. It has a massive following and is played at both amateur and professional levels. The Syrian national football team has a strong presence in international competitions and has achieved some notable victories. The sport attracts a large number of spectators, with stadiums often filled to capacity during important matches. Football clubs are found in every corner of the country, nurturing talented players who dream of representing Syria on a global stage.


Basketball is another popular sport in Syria, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts across the nation. The sport has gained significant popularity over the years, with numerous basketball courts being built in cities and towns. The Syrian national basketball team has competed in various international tournaments and has achieved respectable results. Many young Syrians are inspired by professional basketball players and aspire to excel in this fast-paced and dynamic sport.


Volleyball has a dedicated following in Syria and is enjoyed by people of all ages. The sport is played in schools, universities, and local communities. Syria has a national volleyball federation that organizes tournaments and supports the development of the sport. The Syrian national volleyball teams, both for men and women, have competed at the regional and international levels, showcasing the country’s talent and passion for the game. Volleyball courts can be found in many public parks and sports facilities, providing opportunities for Syrians to engage in friendly matches and competitions.

In conclusion, Syria boasts a diverse sporting culture with football, basketball, and volleyball being the most popular sports. These sports have a significant impact on the daily lives of Syrians, promoting unity, teamwork, and a sense of national pride.

The national sport of Syria is football. Football has a long history in Syria and is widely popular among the people of all ages. The country has a national football team that competes in various international tournaments, representing Syria on a global platform. The sport not only brings the Syrian people together but also serves as a source of pride and unity for the nation. With its immense popularity and widespread participation, football undeniably holds a special place in the hearts of the Syrian people, making it the national sport of Syria.

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