What US States Border West Virginia?

The article "What US States Border West Virginia?" provides an in-depth exploration of the states that share borders with West Virginia. As a landlocked state located in the Appalachian region of the United States, West Virginia shares its boundaries with five neighboring states. Understanding the geographical connections and relationships between West Virginia and its neighboring states is crucial for gaining insights into the state’s cultural, economic, and political dynamics. This article aims to shed light on the neighboring states and their significance in shaping West Virginia’s identity and regional interactions.

US States that border West Virginia


Ohio is one of the states that borders West Virginia. Located to the northwest of West Virginia, Ohio shares a significant portion of its eastern border with West Virginia. The Ohio River marks the boundary between the two states, creating a natural border between them. This proximity allows for easy travel and interaction between West Virginia and Ohio.


Situated to the northeast of West Virginia, Pennsylvania also shares a border with this mountainous state. The border between West Virginia and Pennsylvania runs along the western edge of Pennsylvania, creating a connection between the two states. This border region exhibits a mix of rural areas and small towns, providing opportunities for cultural exchange and economic cooperation.


To the east of West Virginia lies Maryland, another state that shares a border with it. The border between West Virginia and Maryland is primarily formed by the Potomac River, which meanders through the region. This river acts as a natural boundary, offering picturesque views and recreational opportunities along the border. The close proximity between West Virginia and Maryland allows for easy travel and collaboration between the two states.


West Virginia shares a long border with its southern neighbor, Virginia. The border between West Virginia and Virginia extends from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia down to the southwestern region. The border is marked by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, providing stunning landscapes and outdoor activities that attract visitors from both states. This shared border facilitates trade, tourism, and cultural exchange between West Virginia and Virginia.


Located to the southwest of West Virginia, Kentucky is one of the states that borders it. The border between West Virginia and Kentucky runs along the southeastern edge of Kentucky. This border region showcases the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and allows for easy travel between the two states. The border serves as a gateway for exploration and collaboration between West Virginia and Kentucky.

Overall, West Virginia shares its borders with Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. These neighboring states contribute to the diverse cultural, economic, and geographical landscape of West Virginia, fostering connections and opportunities for growth between them.

In conclusion, West Virginia shares its borders with five states, namely Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. These neighboring states play a significant role in shaping West Virginia’s cultural, economic, and political landscape. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Ohio River, the state’s geographical location offers opportunities for trade, tourism, and interstate cooperation. Understanding the neighboring states is essential for comprehending West Virginia’s unique position within the United States and appreciating the diverse influences that have shaped the state’s history and identity.

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