Flag of Comoros

Comoros Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesKM, COM, 174
Official NameUnion of the Comoros
Government TypeFederal presidential republic
CurrencyComorian franc (KMF)
Calling Code+269
Member OfUnited Nations, African Union, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
PopulationApprox. 850,000 (as of 2023)
Total Area1,861 square kilometers
Highest PointMount Karthala (2,361 meters or 7,746 feet)
Lowest PointIndian Ocean (0 meters or 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaApprox. $1,400 (as of 2023)
Life ExpectancyApprox. 64 years (as of 2023)
Internet TLD.km

Comoros National Anthem

Udzima wa ya Masiwa (The Union of the Great Islands)

The Comorian people are on the move
And united around a single destiny
We will write the story of our country
A story of a people who will never be conquered

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History of the Comoros Flag

The flag of the Comoros was officially adopted on January 7, 2002, and it uniquely represents the nation’s history, culture, and aspirations. The flag has undergone several changes since the country’s independence, reflecting political changes and national identity.

The flag consists of four horizontal stripes of yellow, white, red, and blue, with a green chevron at the hoist side. The chevron bears a white crescent with four white stars. Each stripe represents one of the islands of the Comoros archipelago: Mohéli (white), Mayotte (yellow, claimed by France), Anjouan (red), and Grande Comore (blue). The green color of the chevron symbolizes Islam, which is the dominant religion in the country. The crescent and the four stars represent the four islands and their unity under Islam.

The history of the Comoros flag reflects the nation’s struggle for political stability and unity among its islands. The flag has changed several times, with each change corresponding to significant political events, including coups, secession attempts, and constitutional referendums.

The current flag represents a compromise between various political and cultural groups in the country. It is a symbol of the nation’s diversity, its Islamic heritage, and the unity of its islands. The flag of the Comoros is a source of national pride and is used in official capacities, public events, and international forums, embodying the spirit and aspirations of the Comorian people.