Flag of Nauru

Nauru Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesNR, NRU, 520
Official NameRepublic of Nauru
CapitalYaren (de facto)
Government TypeParliamentary Republic
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)
Calling Code+674
Member OfUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Pacific Community, Pacific Islands Forum
PopulationApproximately 10,800
Total Area21 km²
Highest PointCommand Ridge (71 meters, 233 feet)
Lowest PointPacific Ocean (0 meters, 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaUSD 8,000
Life Expectancy66 years
Internet TLD.nr

Nauru National Anthem

Nauru Bwiema (Song of Nauru)

Nauru our homeland, the land we dearly love,
We all pray for you and we also praise your name,
Since long ago you have been the home of our great forefathers,
And will be for generations yet to come,
We all join in together and say;
Nauru for evermore.

Flags of Neighboring Countries

There are no neighboring countries as Nauru is an island nation. The nearest countries are Kiribati, Marshall Islands, and Federated States of Micronesia.

History of the Nauru Flag

The national flag of Nauru was officially adopted on January 31, 1968, in anticipation of the country’s independence from Australia, which occurred on January 31, 1968. The flag has a design that is deeply symbolic and represents the geographical and historical attributes of the island nation.

The flag features a blue field symbolizing the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds Nauru. The flag’s centerpiece is a white 12-pointed star located just below the equator on the flag’s depiction of the globe. Each point of the star represents one of the 12 original tribes of Nauru. The star’s position on the flag mirrors the island’s actual location just south of the equator. Significantly, the star is positioned at the point where the line of the equator would cross Nauru on a world map.

The yellow line across the flag represents the Equator, as Nauru is located just south of this line. The blue field above the yellow stripe signifies the island’s isolation in the Pacific Ocean. The flag’s design is unique and distinctive, immediately identifying Nauru among the nations of the world.

The Nauru flag has remained unchanged since its adoption, symbolizing the nation’s unity and its journey to independence. The flag is a point of pride for Nauruans and is displayed prominently on national occasions, in government settings, and at international events. It embodies the spirit of the Nauruan people, their culture, and their pride in their unique status as one of the smallest independent nations in the world.