Flag of the Pacific Islands Forum

Pacific Islands Forum
  • Acronym: PIF
  • Type: Intergovernmental Organization
  • Membership: 18 member states
  • Establishment: Established on 5 August 1971
  • Official Language(s): English
  • Headquarters: Suva, Fiji

The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) is a political and economic policy organization that aims to enhance cooperation between countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean. It plays a pivotal role in addressing regional issues and enhancing the well-being of the Pacific region through collaboration and partnership.

Pacific Islands Forum History

The Pacific Islands Forum was initially founded as the South Pacific Forum on 5 August 1971. The first meeting was held in Wellington, New Zealand, with the participation of seven countries. It was renamed the Pacific Islands Forum in 2000 to better represent the geographic areas of its members beyond the South Pacific.

Pacific Islands Forum Structure

The Pacific Islands Forum operates through several key bodies:

  • The Forum Leaders Meeting: The supreme decision-making body, comprising heads of government from all member states.
  • The Forum Officials Committee: The principal advisory committee to the Forum, consisting of representatives from all members.
  • The Secretariat: Provides administrative support for the Forum and is led by the Secretary-General.
  • Specialist Sub-Committees and Working Groups: Address specific issues within the Forum’s mandate.

Pacific Islands Forum Membership

The Forum’s membership includes 18 independent and self-governing states in the Pacific.

Pacific Islands Forum Objectives

Regional Cooperation and Integration

PIF promotes regional cooperation and integration in political, economic, and social spheres.

Sustainable Development

The Forum is committed to advocating for sustainable development and effective management of natural resources.

Political Governance and Security

PIF aims to improve political governance and enhance regional security through collaboration and dialogue.

Pacific Islands Forum Funding

The Pacific Islands Forum is funded through contributions from its member states, partners, and international development agencies. These funds support the Secretariat’s operations and the implementation of regional projects.

Pacific Islands Forum Projects

Regional Security Initiatives

PIF undertakes various initiatives to address regional security challenges, including climate change, transnational crime, and geopolitical tensions.

Economic Development Programs

The Forum works on regional trade agreements, investment opportunities, and economic policy to foster sustainable economic growth.

Environmental Conservation and Climate Change

PIF is actively involved in promoting environmental conservation and addressing the impacts of climate change in the Pacific region.

Pacific Islands Forum Members

Full Members

The Pacific Islands Forum remains an influential organization in promoting the interests and well-being of the Pacific region. It continues to address regional challenges and advocate for the sustainable development, security, and prosperity of its member states.

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