Flag of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesSL, SLE, 694
Official NameRepublic of Sierra Leone
Government TypePresidential Representative Democratic Republic
CurrencySierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Calling Code+232
Member OfUnited Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Commonwealth of Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
PopulationApproximately 7.9 million
Total Area71,740 km²
Highest PointLoma Mansa (Bintimani) (1,948 meters, 6,391 feet)
Lowest PointAtlantic Ocean (0 meters, 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaUSD 504
Life Expectancy55 years
Internet TLD.sl

Sierra Leone National Anthem

High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free

High we exalt thee, realm of the free;
Great is the love we have for thee;
Firmly united ever we stand,
Singing thy praise, O native land.

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History of the Sierra Leone Flag

The national flag of Sierra Leone was officially adopted on April 27, 1961, coinciding with the country’s independence from Britain. The flag is a tricolor of green, white, and blue horizontal stripes.

The green stripe at the top represents the country’s agriculture, natural resources, and mountains. The white middle stripe symbolizes unity and justice. The blue stripe at the bottom represents the natural harbor in Freetown, the capital city, and symbolizes the hope of contributing to world peace through the use of this harbor.

The flag’s design, with its distinct colors and layout, was chosen to reflect Sierra Leone’s identity as an independent nation. The use of these colors also represents the country’s vision for peace and prosperity post-independence. It was a significant change from the colonial flags used during British rule, symbolizing a new national identity.

The Sierra Leone flag is a source of pride for its people and is a symbol of their aspirations and hopes for the future. It is used in a variety of settings, both domestically and internationally, to represent the nation. The flag embodies the spirit of Sierra Leone, its rich natural resources, and its desire for unity and peace in the world.