Mississippi Flag

State of Mississippi

Nicknames: The Magnolia State, The Hospitality State
Motto(s): Virtute et armis (By valor and arms)
Date of Statehood: December 10, 1817 (20th state)
State Song: “Go, Mississippi” by Houston Davis

Mississippi Flag History

The flag of Mississippi, adopted on January 11, 2021, is called the “New Magnolia” flag. It features a magnolia blossom centered on a dark blue field, encircled by twenty white stars, signifying Mississippi’s status as the 20th state to join the Union, and a gold five-point star to reflect Mississippi’s indigenous Native American tribes. The magnolia, the state flower and tree, symbolizes Mississippi’s commitment to its natural heritage and its reputation for hospitality.

The design was chosen after the previous flag, which featured the Confederate battle emblem, was retired due to its controversial associations. The decision to adopt a new flag was part of a broader movement to reflect the state’s values of unity and progress while honoring its history and natural beauty.

The colors of the flag – red, gold, and blue – are a nod to the state’s history and its commitment to the future. The single gold star represents the rich Native American history of the state. This flag symbolizes a new era for Mississippi, embracing its history, its natural beauty, and its diverse cultures, moving forward with unity and pride.

Mississippi Quick Facts

Capital City: Jackson
Abbreviation: MS
Population: Approximately 3 million
Region: South
Origin of State Name: Named after the Mississippi River, from the Ojibwe word “Misi-ziibi,” meaning “Great River.”
Sports Teams: No major professional sports teams.
Bordering States: Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas
Area Codes: 228, 601, 662, 769
Highest Point: Woodall Mountain at 806 feet (246 meters)
Lowest Point: Gulf of Mexico

Geography of Mississippi

Area: 48,432 square miles (125,438 square kilometers), 32nd largest
Land: 46,923 square miles (121,531 square kilometers), 31st largest
Water: 1,509 square miles (3,907 square kilometers), 26th largest
Coastline: 44 miles (71 kilometers)
Shoreline: 359 miles (578 kilometers), including coastal and inland shorelines

Largest Cities:

  1. Jackson
  2. Gulfport
  3. Southaven
  4. Hattiesburg
  5. Biloxi
  6. Meridian
  7. Tupelo
  8. Olive Branch
  9. Greenville
  10. Horn Lake
  11. Pearl
  12. Madison
  13. Starkville
  14. Ridgeland
  15. Clinton

National Parks:

  • Gulf Islands National Seashore
  • Natchez National Historical Park
  • Vicksburg National Military Park

Mississippi State Symbols

Living Insignia

State Bird: Northern Mockingbird
State Animal: White-tailed Deer
State Amphibian: American Bullfrog
State Butterfly: Spicebush Swallowtail
State Fish: Largemouth Bass
State Flower: Magnolia
State Horse Breed: None
State Insect: Honeybee
State Mammal: White-tailed Deer, Red Fox (land mammal), Bottlenose Dolphin (water mammal)
State Reptile: American Alligator

Inanimate Insignia

State Fruit: None
State Gemstone: None
State Soil: Natchez silt loam
State Tree: Magnolia
State Quarter: Issued in 2002 featuring two magnolia blossoms
State Beverage: Milk
State Colors: Red, white, and blue
State Dance: Square Dance
State Food: None
State Fossil: Prehistoric Whale (Zygorhiza kochii)
State Mineral: Gold
State Rock: Petrified Wood