Flag of Somalia

Somalia Flag

Country Information

Sovereign StateYes
Country CodesSO, SOM, 706
Official NameFederal Republic of Somalia
Government TypeFederal Parliamentary Republic
CurrencySomali Shilling (SOS)
Calling Code+252
Member OfUnited Nations, African Union, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
PopulationApproximately 15.9 million
Total Area637,657 km²
Highest PointShimbiris (2,416 meters, 7,927 feet)
Lowest PointIndian Ocean (0 meters, 0 feet)
GDP Per CapitaUSD 348
Life Expectancy57 years
Internet TLD.so

Somalia National Anthem

Qolobaa Calankeed (Every Nation Has its Own Flag)

Every nation has its own flag.
Here is our flag, winning the esteem of many nations.
Our flag, whose colors are the everlasting green of the earth,
The white of peace, and the light of the people.

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History of the Somalia Flag

The national flag of Somalia was officially adopted on October 12, 1954. Designed by Mohammed Awale Liban, the flag is a symbol of the nation’s independence and unity.

The flag features a single white five-pointed star, known as the Star of Unity, centered on a light blue field. The five points of the star represent the areas where Somali ethnic groups reside: Djibouti, Somaliland (part of Somalia), the Somali region of Ethiopia, the North Eastern Province in Kenya, and the rest of Somalia.

The light blue color of the background was initially inspired by the United Nations flag, as the UN played a significant role in Somalia’s transition to independence. After Somalia gained independence in 1960, the blue came to symbolize the sky and the Indian Ocean that borders the country.

The flag’s adoption in the mid-20th century was a significant milestone in Somalia’s history, representing the end of colonial rule and the beginning of self-governance. Throughout the years, despite internal conflicts and a lack of a stable central government at times, the flag has remained a powerful symbol of national identity and unity for Somalis around the world.

The Somali flag is a source of pride and is prominently displayed in many parts of the country. It represents the hopes and aspirations of the Somali people for peace, unity, and sovereignty. The simplicity and meaningful symbolism of the flag have made it a recognizable and respected emblem in the international community.